Eighteenth Element Yoga

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Yoga Therapy Appointments Now Available


Eighteenth Element Yoga is now offering Yoga Therapy Sessions:

Lara Romero is on the path of becoming an IAYT and is open for appointments under the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist Pactioner in Training guidelines.

Appointments are currently being offered free until January 1st 2019. These sessions are recorded and provided to Phoenix Rising Senior Staff to review and confirm the sessions are safe and following the standardized guidelines to protect each client being seen by the practioner while in training.

What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

PRYT Sessions are client-centered and non-directive. We do not set an agenda prior to each sessions which means each session helps you to find out what is happening in your body and life right now, in order to initiate life changes rather than making a diagnosis and offering a treatment. In other words, the Phoenix Rising therapist does not try to “fix” you, but rather facilitates a safe space for you to connect with your body and inner wisdom for healing and personal growth.

Sessions typically start with embodied movment which is centering and gentle movements to help you come into your body and form an intention. During this movement the Phoenix Rising Therapist will determine what is arising in the body from verbal and non-verbal cues. The Phoenix Rising Therapist supports you in a series of assisted postures and guided breath work. The Phoenix Rising therapist also uses dialoguing technique, based on the work from psychologist Carl Rogers, where they ask you a question and then repeat back and validate what you express.