Eighteenth Element Yoga

A Unique yoga studio that offers your everyday fitness yoga and yet so much more.

Yin and Restorative Training

I have an allergic reaction to Yin and Restorative classes. The Mere mention of them spikes my heart rate, causes rashes to appear and I slowly back out of the room. It wasn’t until taking a workshop at Mudra Yoga Studio two years ago, that was I able to finish a class. This was a 2.5 hr experience where I met Heather and Cole for the first time.

Through my exploration of my future as a teacher I have decided to embrace these two practices. I was so fortunate to take training with Heather and Cole. Not only did I love the training but I whole heartedly was able to “drop in” and experience multiple Yin, Restorative and Yin/Restorative classes for three days.

I have learned that a passionate teacher with the right tone, sequence and theme makes a world of difference. I am excited not only to take more classes from fellow students of Heather and Cole but also bring this to our students. Join me (LARA) for Yin and/or Restorative class every other Sunday @ 11:30!!