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We all need a little self-love!!

Fall in Love with Yourself workshop with Emyrald Sinclaire teaches you the importance of self-love as well as techniques to begin Manifesting that love.

Emyrald is a "Love Doctor" bringing in mindfulness that we can not fully love another unless we truly love ourselves. If we have no love for ourself where do we cultivate that feeling of love for another from? It's there lying deep down in your core, it is self-love we just need to work on bringing it to the surface. When we love ourselves we have more to give and more to love. Emrayld discusses unconcidtional love and how to begin to love ever inch of our being unconditionally.

There are so many empowering walk seats from this workshop. You are worth 2-4hrs For this workshop.

Fall in Love with Yourself will be offered again in April.

Join Emyrald for her next workshop "Manifest Your Love" March 24 1:00 - 5:00 PM Early BIRD price $35

Fall in. love With Yourself