Eighteenth Element Yoga

A Unique yoga studio that offers your everyday fitness yoga and yet so much more.

Have you Tried Yin Yoga?

This class happens every Monday Evening 7:15 - 8:15PM. Costs are the same as regular studio classes

Monthly Membership $60 (price increase in March unless grandfathered in) 5 class pass $30 Drop in $8

What is Yin Yoga? It is a passive practice involving a seated and supine poses. The poses are typically held between 3-5 mins in order to stretch the connective tissue around the joints.

Here are 9 reasons to incorporate Yin into your practice:

  1. Yin Increases your flexibility.
  2. You can Practice Yin anywhere
  3. Yin fosters Self-Love by calming the nervous system.
  4. It melts away stress.
  5. Yin allows you to become in tune to your feelings, sensations, and emotions because begin to listen to your body due to the slower paced class.
  6. It Builds Fortitude and Perseverance.
  7. Yin is Like Meditation for beginners.
  8. It enables you to release some of your physical and emotional obstacles.
  9. Yin gives you a fabulous afterglow.