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Self-Myofascial Release Training coming to EEY

Say what? Yep Jeff Masters will be returning to EEY in September to teach Self-Myofascial release! So what is that? It is similar to other programs like MELT and Tune-Up. What's the difference? Jeff Masters! Jeff will literally blow your mind with his knowledge and training.

We also are offering an introductory price to this program. Other programs you will pay thousand of dollars for this training. Jeff's programs are about getting the knowledge into everyone's hands at a reasonable price. This is open to anyone and everyone. If you are a coach, fitness instructor, athlete professional or not, lover of foam roller but tired of the excessive pain:), lover of massages.... This training is for you. Contact us to find out more or check out the event page.

Did I also tell you... That if you register for the certification you also get the entire kit to apply SMR? It's included in the price:) roller, strap, balls, carrying case and manual!!!