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So you have the new blend kit now what?

Here is a little tip on when to use each blend:

Deep Breath - peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, Rosemary * This is a great blend to use when you feel a little stuffy and need something to clear out the sinuses allowing a clearing breath. Blend promotes relaxation, mood stabilizer and fights fatigue.

Anti-Stress - bergamot, frankincense ** This is a calming blend, assists with Headaches that can be caused by being overworked and stressed. It helps promote self-confidence, and feelings of relaxation

Grounding - vetiver, Cedarwood ** This is a grounding blend, when you feel that life is out of control this blend gives a grounding effect calming emotions.

Energized - wild orange, frankincense, cinnamon **This is a uplifting to the mind and body. It is invigorating while still giving the feeling of relaxation.

Let's Focus - wild orange, peppermint This is a mood elevator allowing you to focus when feeling fatigued. , invigorating blend gives a boost when you’re feeling fatigued

Joyful - grapefruit, wild orange, lemon, bergamot *This a mood elevator reducing nervous tension, clearing the mind and putting you in a feeling of contentment and happiness.

Motivation - black pepper, lime, wild orange, frankincense This is a Meditative blend used when you have feelings of anxiety, offering a grounding sensation and uplifting the mood to provide you with a feeling of purpose.

Gratitude - bergamot, wild orange, geranium, white fir **This is an energizing blend for the mind and body, gives feeling of grounding to calm the nerves, and feelings of gratitude.

**the blends and available and encouraged to use during your yoga practice. Try the blend of your choice dabbing a drop or two in your palms. While we begin to warm up in class with our Pranayama (breathing practice) take a moment to cup your hands around your nose and breath in the blend. They will make a tremendous difference in your practice. It allows you to find the connection of body and breath, activating the senses and putting the body into the right spot of relaxation (centering/grounding).