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Essential Oil Blends Available

So you have a diffuser bracelet or a home diffuser now what? We now have oil blends for your daily use available at the studio. They are travel size kept in a doTerra Keychain bag. The bag is filled with 8 2ml vials.

The blends included are:

Deep Breath - peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, Rosemary

Anti-Stress - bergamot, frankincense

Grounding - vetiver, Cedarwood

Energized - wild orange, frankincense, cinnamon

Let's Focus - wild orange, peppermint

Joyful - grapefruit, wild orange, lemon, bergamot

Motivation - black pepper, lime, wild orange, frankincense

Gratitude - bergamot, wild orange, geranium, white fir

Order yours online or purchase at the studio. $32.95 plus tax

You can also purchase doTerra oils and products from the studio.

8 - 2mL vials in doTerra travel pouch  

8 - 2mL vials in doTerra travel pouch