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Friday - Art Group - Inspiratio

Are you an artist or inspiring to be one? Do you have Artist's Block? Are you looking for support from fellow artists? Have you lost your inspiration?

Starting March 4th the studio will be holding space for any and all artist 18+ every Friday at 7:45 PM. Get comfy, grab your medium of choice and head on over to the studio.

Inspiratio - the Latin root for Inspiration. Bringing you back to the basics of art. Finding maybe your lost inspiration or giving you the opportunity to tune back into your creativity. This group is lead by three local artists.

Nicholas Eger
Brett Morgan Lucius Romero

The group is here to support, inspire and build a community of artists. Donation Based RSVP through the app, online or email us.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

Hmmm maybe this is the start of EEY's new "paint job" :)  

Hmmm maybe this is the start of EEY's new "paint job" :)