Eighteenth Element Yoga

A Unique yoga studio that offers your everyday fitness yoga and yet so much more.

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The Art of Slowing Down

Let’s enjoy some therapeutic sequences designed to deepen the experience in classic yoga poses like Down Dog, Warrior 1, Triangle and Warrior 2. We get to look at breathing and mindfulness options as well, in order to build more ease, stamina, comfort and relaxation in our yoga practice and life. COST: $75 TIME: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Eighteenth Element Yoga 5050 Edison Ave Ste. 115, Colorado Springs CO 80915 (719) 597-0048, www.eighteenthelementyoga.com

REGISTER: www.jlmtherapeutics.com (under workshops) Space limited to 25 registrants.

JOSH MCGIRK E-RYT 500, BS, NCTMB Josh is a nationally and internationally renowned yoga instructor and massage therapist specializing in recognizing the signs of burnout in the health care field. He then uses movement and self care to combat it as well as nurture and nourish the body from within. His background in anatomy and science helps him identify and quiet compensations while his passion for yoga philosophy helps cultivate more compassion for the self.